Heidelberg Instruments announces the installation of a µPG101 at STMicroelectronics

Heidelberg, Germany, April 5th, 2011:  Heidelberg Instruments announces the installation of a µPG101 at STMicroelectronics in Agrate, Italy.

The µPG101 is an extremely economical and easy to use Micro Pattern Generator for direct write applications as well as low volume mask making. It is also perfectly suitable for rapid prototyping of 2D and 3D microstructures on substrates up to 4 inches by 4 inches, and is capable of exposing high resolution designs with minimum features of 1 micron and an address grid of 40nm.

STMicroelectronics is the world’s fifth largest semiconductor company with net revenues of US$ 8.51 billion in 2009. It is the #1 supplier of semiconductors for the Industrial market, set-top box applications, and MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) chips for portable and consumer devices, including game controllers and smart phones. Since its creation, ST has maintained an unwavering commitment to R&D and is one of the industry’s most innovative companies. In 2009, ST spent US$2.37B in R&D, which is approximately 28% of the Company’s 2009 revenues. ST’s process technology portfolio includes advanced CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) logic including embedded memory variants, mixed-signal, analog and power processes.

ST has installed a µPG101 in the “More Than Moore” Research Labs in Agrate Brianza (Italian 1st production site) to develop prototypes of new microfluidics devices for medical diagnostic, and Lab-On-chip.

About Heidelberg Instruments GmbH  With an installation base in over 30 countries, Heidelberg Instruments is a world leader in production of high precision maskless lithography systems.  These systems are used for direct writing and photomask production by some of the most prestigious universities and industry leaders in the areas of MEMS, BioMEMS, Nano Technology, ASICS, TFT, Plasma Displays, Micro Optics, and many other related applications.

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