Heidelberg Instruments to Cooperate With National Taiwan University’s Nano-Electro-Mechanical-System Research Center

Heidelberg, Germany, January 30, 2013:  Heidelberg Instruments announced the sale of a DWL 2000 maskless aligner system to the National Taiwan University Nano-Electro-Mechanical-System Research Center (NEMS).

The DWL 2000 advanced maskless aligner system is capable of binary and gray scale exposure, layer to layer alignment, and is able to produce sub micron features at a fast exposure speed. System will be used for research and development in nano chemical thin films, nano bio thin films, embedded wireless bio-diagnosis as well as other advanced research activities.

About  National Taiwan University NEMS Center:  The center was founded by National Science Council(NSC) of Taiwan in1998 under the name ”Northern Microelectromechanical Systems Research ” or “Northern MEMS Center” for short. In 2002, the center was renamed as “National Taiwan University Nanoelectromechanical” or ”NTU NEMS Center” for short. Since the center was founded, it has received a total of 150 million NT dollars in grant from NSC as well as NTU, and served more than 2000 users from 52 universities and collages and 38 companies. The funding from NSC was terminated in 2003 and the center is now financially self-supported.

About Heidelberg Instruments, GmbH:  With an installation base in over 40 countries, Heidelberg Instruments is a world leader in production of high precision maskless lithography systems.  These systems are used for direct writing and photomask production by some of the most prestigious universities and industry leaders in the areas of MEMS, BioMEMS, Nano Technology, ASICS, TFT, Plasma Displays, Micro Optics, and many other related applications.

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